Premiere date:
September 8, 2022
Fira Tàrrega – Museu Comarcal de l’Urgell

“No one wants to be the one with the paper butterfly on the door.”

[ÈXIT] THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP talks about the relevance of the concept of success and failure in the process of pregnancy. How do we deal with experiences that don’t fit the pattern we’ve been told?

The case of Z is the starting point to dissect what people whose gestation is not as expected go through and it addresses the taboos that surround them, the invisible that remains outside the usual narrative.

[ÈXIT] THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP is a hybrid proposal: it is an exhibition and a performance that moves through it. It can be carried out in unconventional spaces (site specific) or theaters (with the public on stage).



artistic sheet

Dramaturgy & performance:

Carla Rovira Pitarch

Light, stage & graphic design:

Manoly Rubio Garcia


Aina Bujosa Díaz

Audiovisual design:

Erol Ileri Llordella

Sound design & musical composition:

John Christian Cárdenas
Erol Ileri Llordella

Assembly support:

Claudio Duarte

Belly mold::

Elena Villalba Camiño


Ferro Calent Forja

Exhibition text editor:

Gema Moraleda

Erol Ileri Llordella


co-produced by:


and the collaboration of:


Thanks to:

Elena Villalba Camiño, Jordi Duran Roldós, Marga Socies, Dani Chicano, Elena Carmona, Amaranta Ferro Calent Forja, Carmen, Manolo, Eli, Ángela, Benet, Aimar, lis tietis, Bruna, Gema Moraleda, Neus Molina, Carol Mowatt, Mercè Pla, Nicole Wagner, a Anhel Associació famílies en dol del Vallès, a Judith, Montse, Anita, Nina, Georgina, Elisabet i l’Amadeu, Elena, Ginebra, Anna, Neixé, Tibi, Marta, Iskra, Roser, Andrea, Maria, Ona, Mireia, Pol, Marta, Anna, Montserrat, Daniela, Gemma, Aurora, Elena, Sara, Mònica, Valeria, M., Maria, Anna, Ona, Júlia, Coral, Glòria, Laura, Vane, Marta, Laia, Narcís

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