Actual projects:



MATRIA is an artistic journey of love. How to face the family memory in a state forged in the forgetfulness? What is the family legacy of the wounds of the Civil War?
And what is the role played by our mothers?

From the margins we search the margins, from the Matria we speak. A circular space, where we see faces, to discuss the narratives of forgetfulness. A disappeared, the forgotten and the herstory.



AÜC – The sound of cracks

This is a work I have done in collaboration with Clara and Ariadna Peya from Les Impuxibles. Actions, dance, text and live music are the essential of this multidisciplinary show about the thousand and one faces of sexual violence.

AÜC is the silent cry or lament in our daily life. It is an uncomfortable but necessary place. AÜC is about you and me, about us.



Most of all, you’ve got to hide it from the chicks

Òpera Prima as a director and playwright. The main thing of this piece is the participation of amateur artists: children who’ve participated in a previous workshop. In these community workshops, we have worked around the concepts of pain, the boundaries between adult and child theater and the communication between them.


Previous projects

While the machine keeps on running

In April 2016 I visited Korea to participate in an exchange of artists between Fira Tàrrega and the Ansan Street Arts Festival. So half a year after my first creation I saw myself on the other end of the world with the challenge of continuing to draw the thread of pain, this time with adolescents who had lived a traumatic event, the sinking of Sewol. I thus ended up signing my second piece, with the help of Clara Carbonell.

‘While the machine keeps on running’ is a cooperative reflection on the tragedy of the sinking of the Sewol through the classic of Antigone.


LAminimAL Teatre

In October 2010, the team of LAminimAL Teatre met for the fist time, under the direction of Daniela De Vecchi, as a theatre researching group in residency at Sala Beckett.
From then until June 2011, LAminimAL carried out monthly laboratories at Sala Beckett’s Obrador Internacional de Dramaturgia with public presentations, that corroborated with the audience its work in progress through the systemic poetic. Since, they have presented several performances based on this work in different Theaters and Festivals all around Catalunya such as Teatre Romea, La Seca Espai Brossa, Festival GREC, Temporada Alta or FiraTàrrega.

I have been part of the company for 6 years, as an actress, doing production work, support in the work of the voice and collaborating in the dramaturgy of La Supervivència de les Lluernes with the text Absence.

Información curricular


  • Drama BFA by Institut del Teatre.
  • Social Work Degree by Universitat de Girona.
  • Butoh Dance with Semimaru Sankai Juku.
  • Golden Century Verse with Alicia Sanchez.
  • Fitzmaurice Technique with Anna Estrada.
  • Shakespeare’s Hightened Language with Patsy Rodenburg.
  • Shakespeare’s The word made action with Will Keen.
  • Grotowsky Training with Pere Saïs.
  • MRS Training with José Sanchís Sinisterra.


  • Catalan
  • Spanish
  • English



  • Speech and Diction Teacher at BabelBcn Academy of Languages.
  • Voice Teacher at ECIB Cinema School.
  • Voice Coach in several theater montages.
  • Social Worker in foster homes.

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