MATRIA (motherland)

Premiere date:
September 7th of 2017
Fira Tàrrega – Cal Trepat

MATRIA is an artistic journey of love.
How can we face our family history in a state born in oblivion? Which is the family’s legacy of the wounds of th Spanish Civil War? What is the role of our mothers?

Enrique Isart Alonso was executed by firearm in August 14th of 1939, in Cartagena, Spain by the Francoism. He left a letter with a message to her mother Virginia Alonso Calvo: Mother, courage! His corpse remains somewhere in one of the edges that built the Spanish Transition to democracy.
What’s the real meaning of remembering? What belongs to oblivion?

Through the figure of Virginia Alonso, two of the women of the family build a scenic space to claim History, re-appropriate it and generate a space for collective debate to narrate silence.

From the margins we look in the margins, from the MATRIA we speak.

A circle, where we face each other, to debate on the narrative of oblivion. A desapeared, the forgotten & Herstory.

Temporada Alta 2017

Sala La Planeta
Passeig Canalejas 3, Girona

december 10th 2017 | 18:00 catalan/spanish


Artistic team


Marc Naya Diaz

Angela Pitarch Isart

Carla Rovira Pitarch

Direction & Dramaturgy:

Carla Rovira

Assistant director:

Ramon Bonvehí Rosich


Laura Blanch Bigas

Audiovisual production:

Erol Ileri Llordella

Escenery & Costume design:

Mariona Signes

Light design:

Roger Arjona Loscos

Promotional design:


Captura de pantalla 2017-08-22 a les 12.44.15

With the support of:

And the cooperation of:

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