Most of all,
you’ve got to hide it from the chicks

Premiere date:
September 10th, 2015
Fira Tàrrega – Arxiu Comarcal de l’Urgell

Most of all, you’ve got to hide it from the chicks is an experience that pushes to the limit the concept “for all audiences”. During a one hour show, children an adults share –or not– spaces and thoughts about theater and pain to confirm or deny If the Rating System is needed in theater. Mrs. Robinson and the Group of Rebel Chickens want to invite you personally to come in, to share your presence –and maybe more- to rebel against the social and artistic status quo. We’re here, we’re chicks and we’ll give you the real chicken soup for the soul! CLUCLUUUCK!!!


This is my Opera Prima as a director and playwright. The main thing of this piece is the participation of amateur artists: children who’ve participated in a previous workshop. In these community workshops, we have worked around the concepts of pain, the boundaries between adult and child theater and the communication between them.

Awarded for the FAD Sebastià Gasch 2016 Paratheatrical Arts Awards
with Applause for Emerging Creation

Nominated for the Premis Butaca 2016 in the Other Disciplines category

“What can we do, here, for you?
Something echoes in the darkness of your gaze…”

Most of all, you’ve got to hide it from the chicks is a show performed by Carla Rovira and a group of local children based on a research about what the young experience when they go to theater. After months of working with several groups of children and a successful tour in FiraTàrrega and Barcelona we’re ready to enlarge our chicken coop.

The aim of the performance is to create a space where children and adults share –as equals– experiences and thoughts about theater and one of the themes that theater for all audiences lacks the most: pain.

The performance is a site specific show for 80 people. Through three different stages  each member of the audiences is invited to start the process: You’ll enter as an spectator, you’ll live it as a participant, and maybe you’ll get lucky and enter our chicken coop as a chick!

Don’t let anyone hide it from you,

“But, first, let’s define what we’re talking about…”

This show requires a twenty hour workshop with a group of children to develop and create the Group of Rebel Chickens. It is divided in two parts. The first one wants to create a common language for all the participants. The second it is to rehearsal the show with the children and fill it with their experiences and thoughts.

We’re talking about:
what is theater
what is theater for children
what is a child
what is an adult
what is pain for them

It requires a group of children of ages from 8 to 17 because we believe the difference of ages enriches the process and the group. The group can be from 6 to 10 people with the possibility of creating various groups that can perform each time.


Our henhouse does not stop growing, since we started we have worked with groups from Barcelona, ​​Granollers, Tàrrega, Igualada, Olot and Alcalá de Henares.


Aury, 13 years old
“Thanks for everything! This experience is unforgettable. It has been a pause of everything I have around me, I have felt peace and I’ve felt comfortable.”

Lidia, 13 years old
“To me, this experience has been unique and unrepeatable. This has helped me understand other people who haven’t had things as easy as me. I’ve loved being in this project and I’ve made many new friends.”

Violeta, 12 years old
“I’ve loved being in this performance, I think we’ve made thought other people. I love very much what we’ve talked about and I would love to do something similar again.”

Sara, 11 years old
“Being in this play it was super cool and I made many friends and I’ve done things I would have never done for fear. I loved being a chicken because I could tell people what to do.”

Bruna, 15 years old
“During rehearsal time I had many questions about pain and I could let out many things. It is brutal how we, the children, live things that seem only adult stuff. I bonded with the rest of the team, unconsciously Carla created a really cool ensemble. Not all had the same ideas, but sharing our ideas and respect the others made this experiment work.”

An Antic Teatre & FiraTàrrega production

With the support of:

Artistic team

Mrs. Robinson
Carla Rovira Pitarch

Group of Rebel Chickens
Group of local children

Original idea and direction
Carla Rovira Pitarch

Assistant director
Erol Ileri

Audiovisual production
Erol Ileri & Marina Rojo

Sound design
Erol Ileri

Costume design
Cris Ayala

Mònica Pérez (Antic Teatre)
& Lídia Figueras

Graphic Design



If I had never been told that I would leave a family theater show with tears in my eyes and trembling legs, after having lived one of the catharsis more beasts I have ever experienced in a theater, I would not have believed it.

Gema Moraleda,

An experience, where one of the things that most strikes the attention is the naturalness with which the youngest, actresses and public face it. Probably we all leave with the conviction that with children we can (and should) speak absolutely of everything, because they live the realities of life and its interior, without waiting for us to discover them, yes, as she tells us later , Looking well as we do and with what language.

Josep Maria Viaplana,,%20youve%20got%20to%20hide%20it%20from%20the%20chicks/Josep%20Maria%20Viaplana

For an hour deepens, moves and provokes reason and feeling. This is a work of awareness. Uncomfortable but necessary. After seeing it, it is no longer possible for him to like the theater itself. I assure you.

Jordi Sora,

I want to be a chicken too! Enjoy! This is one of the shows that you have to do anything to get in, even though the tickets are sold out and you have to hide behind a curtain. Wonderful, for big, for small, of those that you are going to take in forgetting and unfortunately of those also that you will take to return one that resembles or is to his level. Enjoy!

Elisa Díez,,%20youve%20got%20to%20hide%20it%20from%20the%20chicks/Elisa%20D%C3%ADez

The result is a job, called for controversy. Because it does not want to put any protection to the radicality of simple, unsubordinated phrases that often spat on a virgin target. If the connection of the young spectator with the theater is to act, they should be given spaces to give their opinion, even if it is passing a point of shame.

Jordi Bordes,,%20youve%20got%20to%20hide%20it%20from%20the%20chicks/Jordi%20Bordes

Transgressive and amusingly blatant, she shows a particular look at children and adults, the performing arts and life in an interesting format that we hope will continue to investigate.

Núria Cañamares,,%20youve%20got%20to%20hide%20it%20from%20the%20chicks/N%C3%BAria%20Ca%C3%B1amares

“I will not consent.” When the father of actress Carla Rovira learned that his daughter intended to self-harm on the scene, he announced a boycott. The summer declined when FiraTàrrega premiered Most of all, you’ve got to hide from the chicks, a performative piece of theater in which the viewer is asked to share aloud a painful experience. “My image of pain is the death of my son,” a woman stripped. In that context, Carla’s father understood that it was ridiculous to feel uncomfortable with a superficial wound made in an artistic context. Epidermal pain against genuine pain.

Belén Ginart,

They want to participate in the works, and not to be mere passive spectators, like the elders who accompany them. A work that also reflects on what subjects can be spoken to the little ones. For example, about pain and death, of which chicks know how to talk. And they do. The creator, graduated in Social Education, recalls that for chicks to grow they need cycles of light and darkness. And that is for her the theater, light and darkness to help us grow.

Justo Barranco,

A great ovation that received the successful proposal on what children want to see and do to the theater – of retruction – that they see or want to see and do in the theater the great ones and in which one does not hesitate to speak with the children present of a theme Which usually prevents them – as is the pain.

Justo Barranco,

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